Caro-Vettes Newsletter, January 2011



Next Monthly Meeting:                                                                                                      2011 Officers           

Saturday February 5, 2011                                                                             President                          Wayne Morris

Marine Chevrolet                                                                                           Vice President                  Jeff Weaver

Jacksonville, NC @ 5 pm                                                                               Secretary                          Jim Williams
                                                Treasurer          Stoney Burks



Minutes for January 8, 2011 Meeting:

The monthly business meeting was held at Marine Chevrolet on 08 January 2011.  The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by Club President, Wayne Morris.   


There were 9 members in attendance: Wayne Morris, Jim Williams, Stoney Burks, Jim Roddy, Sam Cheatham, Debra Evans, Ricky Dunham, Mike Spina and Jack McComas.



Secretary’s Report:

Jim Williams e-mailed the minutes of the meeting to the membership prior to the scheduled meeting.  Additional copies were made available and handed out as needed prior to the meeting.  All members present acknowledged receiving a copy of the monthly newsletter via e-mail.  Jim Williams addressed the membership on how the monthly report will be delivered.  Staffing copies will be submitted to the club’s officers first for any required changes and final approval prior to

e-mailing to the membership.  Unless discrepancies and/or recommendations are noted at the meeting, there will be no need to read previous meeting minutes at the meeting in session.  President, Wayne Morris, then asked if the membership had any questions about dispensing with the reading of the minutes or if any changes were required to the meeting minutes.  No members responded.  The minutes for the meeting stood as received.  Motion to accept was made by Sam Cheatham and seconded by Stoney Burks. 


Secretary’s Note:

Reminders and short notice club functions, activities and related news will go out via e-mail from the Club President. Those members heading up a particular activity or function please get prior approval from the Club President before addressing its membership.  Please ensure all e-mails regarding club business (functions & activities) are addressed “Caro-Vettes Corvette Club” in the subject line to ensure timely attention by its members.  



Treasurer’s Report:

Stoney Burks delivered the Treasurer’s Report for the month of December.  Starting and ending balance of December remain unchanged.  Stoney addressed the membership on how the monthly report will be delivered.  Hard copies will be available to members at the monthly meeting.  The Treasurer’s Report will not be part of the Club’s Monthly News Letter due to Information Awareness to possible nonmembers (need to know).  With this in mind, the Treasurer’s Report will not be provided via e-mail.  President, Wayne Morris, asks if the membership had any questions or if any changes were required.  No members responded.  The Treasurer Report stood as received.  Motion to accept was made by Mike Spina and seconded by Sam Cheatham. 



Standing Committee Reports;


Concours Report: 

Jim Roddy reported that Wayne Jackson, Fletcher and himself will be meeting to tabulate the points from last year to determine award winners in the different classes. 


Jim talked about the creation of the “Member’s People Choice Award” category for our club’s shows.  Our corvettes will be co-located and will be judged separately by those non-members participating in the show.  The creation was openly accepted and agreed to without any further discussion.  The exact number of “Member’s People Choice Awards” was

tabled to a later date. 



Activities Report:

The following report is provided by the membership in the absence of the Activity/Social Director.  Several recent and upcoming events are highlighted.  The club thanks all those members that participated. 



Note:  Members that receive invites or requests from outside the normal channels will submit them to the Club President and the Activity/Social Director.  The Club President will address the membership when activities are requesting and or requiring any participation of its club members.  These invites or requests will be submitted as “New Business”.   



Performance Report:

   Wayne Morris reported he talked to Walt about Auto Cross Scheduling.



Membership Report:  

Jim Roddy reported where 40 some members paid in 2010, but that we had just 26 members renewed for 2011.  A lot had paid but were unable to attend last year’s club events.  Jim Roddy stated that he attempted and called about 99% of those members that had not paid.  Various reasons why they didn’t renew was discussed to the membership.



National Corvette Museum Ambassador (NCMA) Report:  

   No report.



Governor Report:  

Jim Roddy reported on 4 January the passing of Randy Propst.  Randy had been a friend of 20 years to both Jim and the club. Randy’s wife, Martha, called and informed Jim Roddy of the sad news.  From Hickory, NC, Randy Propst was a little guy known for his dark blue '63 split window coupe.  Over the past 20 years, Randy had always came to Caro-Vettes’ Concours events and always drove his own Corvette.  It was only until the last two years he started missing events due to illness.  Randy’s presence will be forever missed.


Jim also reported the upcoming Annual NCCC’s banquet will be held in April not March as reported in the December News Letter. The event will take place over a three day period (Thur-Sat).  Those attending the three day event will be able to take part in scheduled tours, seminars, a golfing event on Friday, a dinner theater, and an awards brunch.  Cost will be about $20.00 per person for the dinner theater.  Other event costs will be forthcoming.  NCCC will provide a complete listing of scheduled events, discounts for local hotels, motels, restaurants and other attractions.



Old Business:  

           None to report.



New Business:

Jim Roddy reported Sandy Crews from Southern Auto Parts has established a club account with a 20% discount as a result of our members participating in the Jacksonville Holiday Parade.  Members will use account number 649 for discounts at Southern Auto Parts and for those members using Southern Paint & Glass will use account 5649.  If members forget the account numbers just tell the counterman you are with Caro-Vettes Corvette Club. 


Jim Roddy suggested that we implement some simple card system to identify our members so others cannot take advantage of the discounts.  The identification card could also be used for the 10% discounts offered at Marine Chevrolet.


Jim Williams, along with his Secretary’s responsibilities, will also fill the duties as Activity/Social Director.        






Jan 15:

The Blue Knights Chapter VII is sponsoring a charity ride for the “KAYLEB HANKINS FOUNDATION”.  A road rally will start and end at the Jacksonville Harley Davidson Dealership.  Sign up starts at 1100.  Engines start at 1200. A donation of $10.00 is requested.  Additional donations may be sent to ESTHER ROOP WACHOVIA located in Jacksonville at 900 Henderson Dr. 


Jan 15:

The East Coast Corvette Club has invited Caro-Vettes to participate in the New Bern’s MLK’s Parade.  Those members participating will meet at the Belk’s Department Store in New Bern around 0930.  Bring lots of candy.  For more information contact Jim Roddy.


Apr 30:

The Coastal Corvette Association is hosting their “XVII Gathering at the Lighthouse” at Tybee Island, Ga.  As in the past, the show will be held rain or shine at the grounds surrounding the lighthouse and within walking distance to Tybee's North Shore. There will be a 50/50, music, food for sale and lot's of awards. Sign up starts at 8:00 am, Saturday, 30 April. Visit their web site for additional information.


Apr 28-30:

National Corvette Museum will host their annual C5/C6 BASH.  Primarily geared towards late-model Corvettes but all are welcome at the National Corvette Museum event! Official roll-out of the 2012 Corvette, scenic road tours, digital scavenger hunt, drag racing, seminars, silent auction, autograph sessions, golf cart autocross, poker run, car show and banquet with live entertainment will be part of the entertainment.  Hours: Daily 8am to 5pm. Admission: $25/non-members, $15/members, $10/Lifetime members.  For more information contact 800-538-3883 or


May 28-29:

Sam Cheatham reminded those who may be interested about the upcoming “Vettes in the Valley”.   Registration fee is $45.00 for the two day event which includes the price for two people.  Please Contact Sam for any additional information.  




“Word From Da Prez”

Awaiting the word if any….  TRY THIS….We’re off to a good start this year and the newly elected Club Officials are getting settled in.  We definitely want to hear from our members with regard to new ideas, recommendation, areas of dissatisfaction, etc.  Feel free to contact us via E-Mail or phone.  It’s going to be a busy year so keeping communication channels open will be critical. 




   Motion to:  Sam Cheatham

   Second:     Rickey Dunham

   Time:         5:35 pm




   Jim Williams