Last Updated on 03/11/2005
  Caro-Vette Corvette Club Jacket

World Tour

This page will chronicle the travels of our club jacket throughout the year.  Please check back to see the latest places that "The Jacket" has been.

The Jacket looking at a termite mound near Darwin Australia in October of 2001


The Jacket overlooking Townsville, Australia.

Accompanied by Susan, the friendly Bartender.

Susan modeling "The Jacket" in Brisbane, Australia.

JacketTokyoAirport.jpg (39181 bytes)

The first sighting happened in the Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan.  Here you can see an unknown member walking through the airport terminal.

JacketTokyoSubway.jpg (52927 bytes)

A second sighting was below ground in the subway system of Tokyo.  Once again, you can see an unknown member walking through the subway system waiting on the next train to arrive.

Jacket in Vegas1.jpg (41034 bytes)

Here is the Jacket "Winning Big" at the slots in Vegas.

Jacket in Vegas2.jpg (43374 bytes)

Here is the Jacket contemplating what to do with all of its winnings from earlier in the day.

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